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8 SEPTEMBER 2021: Donate funds for activity packs. 

There are 50 children in hotel quarantine in a Sydney hotel, having just been evacuated from Afghanistan. They have very little with them and a colleague has but a call out for assistance.
Wildcard-Sue would like to put together 50 education and activity packs for these children, to help welcome and introduce them to Australia. 
FUNDRAISING GOAL: $150 - $500 for 50 activity packs 
PROPOSAL:  Raise funds to put together colouring and creative notebooks.
  • Basic pack: donated pencils, a sharpener, and  activity sheets for 50 kids
    @ $ 3.00 per pack
  • Ultimate pack:  new pencils, sharpener, pencil case, notebook OR coloring book + activity sheets for 50 kids @ $10 per pack.

NEW ITEMS pricing from Officeworks

  • new coloured pencils. I already have used pencils that have been donated, I can put together little packs using those. New pencil packs are $0 -3 each
  • pencil sharpeners - 2 holes with a container - $.49 each
  • pencil case -$.49 each
  • notebook or colouring book $ 4 each
  • printing - WCS activity sheets -$1 each
It's a nice way to introduce new kids to Australian native animals and encourage drawing, creativity, self-expression, and learning. 

Your financial contribution, big or small, would be so appreciated.