Illustration & Marine Discovery- Giant Cuttlefish - Port Augusta - 26 June

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Australian Giant Cuttlefish in Port Augusta - 2 Sessions 26 June

Date: Wednesday 26 June 2024

Location: Yarta Purtli Art Gallery, 6 Beauchamp Lane, Port Augusta SA 5700

Discover more about the Australian Giant Cuttlefish with the added benefit of being so close to the Giant Cuttlefish in the Upper Spencer Gulf and Whyalla. If you've already been in the water or seen these phenomenal sea-beings with your own eyes, then your creative and illustration work may have an 'extra something'.

Sessions:Adults Only and General Session

  • 10am - 1pm - 3 hour adult only session tickets: $75

     18yrs +  Sessions dedicated to adults are an opportunity for candid discussions about creative blocks and reigniting your creative spark. It's dedicated time and space to relax, explore and play. Ideal for adults searching for a little guidance and inspiration on their creative journey and an introduction to illustration skills. 

  • 2pm-4pm - 2 hour general session - youth and adults: $55
    Minimum age is 7yrs. Youth under 16yrs must be accompanied by an adult, who is also a participant.

Supported by National Parks & Wildlife South Australia as part of Park of the Month Program, and with Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries CuttleFest 2024 in Whyalla, South Australia. 

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