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This is one of the 3 Collection Posters that celebrates the first year of Sue's journey illustrating 60 intricate and original artworks of Australian native animals. 

This is the Land & Sky Collection 2020, prompted by Sue's desire to explore our devastated land environments, after the bushfires that destroyed so many of our precious animals and their habitats. 

A3 Posters 297x420mm 

A3 Poster Print - Poster prints are unlimited and are printed on 250gsm.

Let's meet all 23 Wildcard-Sue characters - original illustrations by Sue Liu!

  • Amanda the Quoll
  • Fluffy and Shyly the Emus
  • Bobby, Lee, and Fraser the Koalas
  • Annie, Fernando, and Puddles the Platypus
  • Elizabeth and Spike the Echidna
  • David, Betty, and Willie the Wombats
  • Josephine and Johnny the Kangaroo
  • Frisky and Sassy the Cockatoo
  • Vonny the Frog
  • Marie, Hope, Lynette and Eve the Dragonfly

Please contact Sue about larger prints and customisations.

5% of our profits are donated to an Australian wildlife conservation project 

Copyright of this illustration is retained by Sue Liu. No reproduction of this drawing is allowed.