Creativity and learning - Colouring-in competition at Seaside Scavenge.

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Balmoral Seaside Scavenge was my first opportunity to be a SPONSOR and volunteer at a community event, and to work with a community organisation.

I was thrilled to have so many young artists, and their parents enthusiastically about learning, colouring and creating their own art and learning about Sandra the Seahorse. 

Learning early at Seaside Scavenge

Kids (and some adults too) coloured-in, learned helpful facts about seahorses at Clifton Gardens in Mosman. By engaging kids in education, we were also able to share with them crucial information about concerns with rubbish and fishing at one of their much loved local reserves. 

It was difficult to choose one winner from the entries, as our judges were impressed with the creativity, colour and artistic flare. 

Congratulations to our joint winners – Luca (7) and Lina (11) and People’s Choice recipient – Philip(18), who will receive some artist cards from Wildcard-Sue to inspire their next creations.

Every participant will receive a Creative Discovery certificate to celebrate their artistry. Well done, everyone!

Entries for the Seahorse colouring-in competition

Read more about this on Seaside Scavenge Balmoral website.

Keep learning and creating! Download your free seahorse or blue groper activity sheets here.

If you're wanting to hold a Creativity for Conservation workshop at your school or community - for kids or adults, please contact Sue!


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