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Get what you want, in your size and colour - delivered directly to you.

T-shirts, tops, leggings, socks, mugs, masks, journals, stickers, hoodies, onesies, phone covers, coasters, cushions.....

Redbubble makes it easy for artists like me to connect with people from all around the world by showing you all the possibilities for art on products, and efficiently delivering quality products! Redbubble is a drop shipping/print on demand webstore and it's brilliant for both the range and quality of items you can have my art printed on, and delivered directly to you.

Your choice: great quality range, easy shopping - fast delivery!

I understand that people are individuals and have different tastes, preferences, wants, needs, desires, budgets and ability to shop. It's a win for both of us and it makes it easy for you to peruse, choose and order what takes your fancy, at your leisure! I also have peace of mind that you'll receive your cute Australian native animals on quality products in good time. You can:

  •  peruse the animals and see how they will look on products before you buy them
  • shop from anywhere around the world and have items delivered to you or, sent to others as gifts – a great time-saving idea for Christmas and birthdays!
  • select from an impressive range of quality products in colours, styles and sizes.

Many items (not all) are printed 'locally' to customers. I've had clothing items made and dispatched within 24 hours of ordering.


Advice and recommendations  If you’d like recommendations about products, sizing, quality and advice about purchasing from Wildcard-Sue via Redbubble, I’m happy to assist. I can advise on the quality and printing of items I’ve purchased.

Do I receive payments for my art on Redbubble?  I receive a percentage of the price as commission.  

Feedback and reviews As Redbubble is a third-party supplier, I'd appreciate feedback on your experiences using the platform and your items. This is helpful for me, as if I find something that’s not great on quality or printing, I’ll remove it from my store if I can. 

Redbubble are very helpful about addressing and rectifying problems. If you are unhappy with your products, please contact Redbubble directly about refunds or replacements.  

I publish photos and mini reviews on Social Media based on my own purchases and customer feedback. Please post your photos and tell me about your experiences by either sending me a message via Facebook and Instagram @wildcardsue or via the contact form below.

 Have fun and GO WILD!