Commission an original illustration!

Do you have a favourite Australian native animal or beloved furry friend that you'd like as a unique Wildcard-Sue illustration? 


There's plenty to inspire you here at Wildcard-Sue, so have a good look at the range of animals and consider the style and complexity of the illustration you'd like.  

Sue can draw in either black pen with grey colour wash pens (mono) or colour wash pens (colour) from your original photographs or copyright-free images.

Commissions begin at $300 for simple illustrations and upward for more complex, detailed an creations on A4 or A3 220gsm fine tooth paper.

Stephanie the Koala is an example of a complex illustration in mono- black and grey wash pens on A4. The dragonflies are examples of a simpler illustrations in black pen on A4. 

How to get an estimate for a commission.

CONTACT SUE using the form below for an obligation-free quote. Please ensure you provide the size you'd like your drawing to be, if it's mono or colour you're wanting and link to an image or photo of the animal you'd like drawn!