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Wildcard-Sue is all about appreciating and celebrating Australian native wildlife from the land, sea and sky through original art and artisan products.

Author, Artist & Conservation Advocate

Sue Liu, Artist

Sue Liu is from Sydney’s Inner West. She is a self-taught illustrator and observational artist, and creates intricate, realistic illustrations of Australian native wildlife from land, sea and sky with Artline pens and colour wash markers.

Where possible, Sue tries to have a personal experience and interaction with animals in their natural environment before drawing. Her illustrations, particularly  of marine animals, capture intricate details, quirks  and characteristics that really bring them to life. 

Sue discovered accidentally that she could draw in October 2019 and has worked steadily since to develop as an artist and combine her many skills and interests into Wildcard-Sue. Read more about her journey here.

Scuba diver & marine life specialist

Sue is a scuba diver and studies photographs, films and draws from her experiences and interactions with marine animals. She shares photos and stories of her adventures under the sea, incorporating delicate details that appear in her unique illustrations.


To foster an enduring fascination for a broader array of Australian animals, that will translate to ACTIONS to save vulnerable wildlife and their habitats.

Creativity for Conservation - Engage, not enrage

Sue uses her art and community networks for good! She’s committed to raising awareness of lesser known and appreciated marine animals, with an aim to engage and educate a broader community about issues that impact animals and their environments. 5% of profits are donated to community conservation projects.

Through her advocacy, campaign work, partnerships, Sue brings focus to our unique native wildlife – many of which are threatened and endangered species after our recent summer bushfires. This is Sue Liu’s way of doing good for community through art, creativity, education and awareness campaigns. 

I hope you’ll have a happy time exploring Wildcard-Sue's art and choosing meaningful gifts that bring joy, and do good for our precious Australian wildlife. Find out more about Creativity for Conservation!


Limited Edition products & gifts - Australian made

Sue collaborates with fellow artists and producers from her community to produce unique, quality products in limited editions.  

When you purchase from and support Wildcard-Sue, you support Australian independent creatives and businesses. 

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