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Workshops and experiences for all ages

Dynamic, hands-on workshops for children and adults delivered with energy and insight

I have designed these innovative workshops based on my own intense and intentional work to unblock myself and find a fulfilling and sustainable way to be creative and communicate.

As writer and self-published author, I developed the Author Brand and Marketing workshop based on my journey to find my voice and tell meaningful stories. Even more important, was the creation and marketing of that enormous piece of work to potential readers.

Now, as an illustrator, artist and conservation advocate, I communicate my passion and ‘position’ by melding diving and study of animals with illustration, photography and the creation of products and communications campaigns.


I want to help people connect to their interests, develop their own observation super powers, creativity and illustration style.  

Having experienced frustration and the depression that comes from being creatively blocked and uninspired to connect with anything, I pursued my blocked creativity with determination. My life did depend on it. 

At the end of September 2019, I discovered I could draw by ‘accident’ and through sheer focus and dedication, have launched a new career as an artist and conservation advocate.  Read my story here 

Observational Illustration & Marine Life Discovery

Hone your observational superpowers and try some innovative techniques developed by Sue. It's a VERY dynamic and engaging few hours where you'll learn a little about some quirky marine animals, study them and begin to draw natural forms. You'll be encouraged to also bring in objects from nature that inspire you. This may be a step toward discovering your own, unique style.


  • 1.5-2 hour and 3-4 hour workshop options.
  • Focus is on marine animals and environment with the ability to observe and study via videos and images by Sue.
  • Maximum attendance of 20 people. 

Marine Discovery workshop topics include

  • Blue Groper
  • Sea horses of Sydney
  • Giant Cuttlefish of Whyalla
  • Great Southern Reef - virtual reality experience - COMING SOON

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Suitable for all people and all ages learn together. This workshop is perfect for those wanting to focus on their art and illustration. No prior skills or abilities needed to participate. Children 7-16 yrs to be accompanied by an adult, who is also a participant.

PUBLIC WORKSHOPS - coming in 2024

    Workshop with Sue


    • June - Observational Illustration - Giant Cuttlefish - Port Augusta Secondary School & Public workshops at Whyalla Library
    • 19 April Creative Marine Life Discovery - Blue Groper - Marine Coastal Program - La Perouse Museum for Randwick Council
    • 25 March Observational Illustration - Blue Groper - La Perouse Museum, Randwick City Council
    • 7 March - Reinvent your Creative Spark - Lionel Bowen Library, Randwick City Council


    Contact me to find out how to have me guide your children, families or group of adults through Observational Illustration and marine discovery. These workshops are perfect for:

    • Libraries, arts and community and family groups
    • Schools - primary, secondary and education centres - marine studies, humanities, geography, art
    • Botanic gardens, Marine Discovery, museums, art gallery, nature and conservation centres
    • Healthcare, recovery and therapy groups
    • Team building and adult training programs or celebrations


    “It was really fun, I love this! It is way better than school. 1-2 hours is good for kids because children can get restless. Saturday afternoon is a nice time because Sunday is a day to relax! I loved this so much. It’s AMAZING” – Eleanore M – 9yrs

    This was a lovely way to spend time with the kids during the school holidays. It's unusual to find activities that we can do together and all enjoy. Sue was wonderful and the kids love the sea animals. I would highly recommend.
    This was perfect for kids and adults." - Brigid 
    “Thank you, Sue. It was great to learn about the Blue Groper and learn about Observational Illustration. The class was a lovely vibe” – Tracey

    “Loved learning about the Blue Groper. Went so quickly. Was a lot of fun.” – Lisa, Andrew and Kate

    “Good to hear about Sue’s love of diving and how it fed into drawing. I’m just starting. It’s great to have art explained so it is accessible” – Marianne

    Author Brand and Marketing for writers and creatives

    Inject enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to your writing project. 

    This unique, hands-on workshop may be the boost you need. All writers who aspire to publish work need to be business savvy and marketing aware. Gain insights into the realities and expectations of authors when considering traditional and self-publishing, clarify your goals, and start developing your project, brand, and marketing plan. 

    Find out more about this workshop  at the Accidental Aid Worker website. 


    • 4 hour workshop 
    • Maximum attendance of 25 people. 

    Presenter fees apply to workshops.

    Motivational Speaking and Author Talks

    Talks are presented in 40 min - 1 hour and requires a screen for PPT presentation. Since 2016, over 60 talks have been delivered throughout NSW.

    Contact Sue for interviews and bookings for author talks, and workshops at libraries, primary and secondary schools, community and business groups.