Artist Cards now at Annandale Garden Centre - Sue's local neighbourhood!

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Wildcard-Sue at Annandale Garden Centre - my local!
What a thrill to be in my local neighbourhood of Annandale, Inner-West Sydney.
As a local artist and business person, it's important for me to have a presence in, support and be supported by my fellow community members. 
Annandale Garden Centre is where you can get up close and personal with a rotating range of Wildcard-Sue's illustrations of Australian native animals from land, sea and sky. 

With Mother's Day just 2 weeks away - the perfect pairing with your plants, is a Wildcard-Sue card! With 26 quirky creatures in our range, I will be popping in with new cards every week! 
Check the shelf at Annandale Garden Central
Owner, John, chosen the following sweet critters to begin with. 
  • David and Betty Wombat
  • Vonny the Frog
  • Lynette the Dragonfly
  • Pee Jay the Weedy Sea Dragon
  • Jacki the Turtle
  • Stephanie the Koala
  • Chris and Gladis Seahorse
  • Alina the Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Johnny the Kangaroo
  • Spike the Echidna
  • Frisky the Cockatoo

If you want to see a particular Wildcard-Sue artist card on the shelf at Annandale Garden Centre next week - please let us know via email or Facebook/Instagram @wildcardsue


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