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Inside the Tide at Calyx - Royal Botanic Gardens June - July 2022

Posted by Sue Liu on


Wildcard-Sue is now being featured at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney as part of the final weeks of the inspirational Inside the Tide exhibition at the Calyx. 

Featured at the entrance to the exhibition in the gift store of the Calyx is the entire marine collection of artist cards and A3 Splashy Collection posters! 

The exhibition is a marine and plant lover's dream. If you're a succulent lover like me, the way a wide variety of plants and animal sculptures have been melded, creates a universe of delight.

Keep your eye out for all the small marine creatures as well as the unmissable large ones - and try and match them to the illustrations on cards and posters!
Leafy seadragons, sharks, blue groper and sea stars play amongst the plants.

Open 10-4pm daily until 31 July 2022. Entry is by donation

DRAWING LIVE - bring the kids during school holidays!

I'll be drawing live on Tuesday 5 July from 10am - 4pm. Come along and say hello! 

For updates - please follow and keep an eye on Facebook/Instagram @wildcardsue


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