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New Value Packs on Artist Cards in 5,10 and 20 packs

Posted by Sue Liu on

A pleasure to give, and a pleasure to receive - Wildcard-Sue cards!

I've been told that when people give and receive Wildcard-Sue cards, there are smiles all around. For some people - giving and receiving the precious Australian native animal they adore is extra special. 

A card with your gift: If you know that Aunty June loves wombats - then the choice for a gift is clear.  You HAVE to have one of our beautiful wombat tea towels, aprons and tote bags), and accompany your gift with a wombat card!

Wombat Lovers tea towel and card with David and Betty Wombat

Cards as gifts - or the card can be the gift itself as it's a mini piece of precious art. Many people buy their favourites and frame them!

Many people give cards in packs of 3 or more as gifts, which leads me to my top gifting tip: 

Buy cards in bulk and make up your personalised gift packs of favourite Australian native animals!



Value Pack Artist Cards are the best way to get the choice of cards you want at a 15-25% saving from the single card price. 

Choose your own mix from our gorgeous range or, if you're having trouble choosing, I can select it for you.



Step 1: Select how many cards you want, in 5, 10 and 20 cards

Step 2: Which cards? I know - too many cool options! Sorry, not sorry!

Some people have a clear idea of which animals they love the best, but can't choose! That's ok. You can either:

A) Leave it up to me and select the option - Surprise me! Sue's pick and mix, or let me know if it's only Land, Sea or Sky animals you want.

B) If you know exactly cards you want and like -please tell me your selection in the comments section after choosing - This is what I want.

Here's where you can see the growing range of Wildcard-Sue Artist cards, with new animals added every few months. - See all the cards

GO WILD - happy shopping!


If you need any assistance with choosing, want your cards gift wrapped or advice about anything else - please send me a message via the contact page. 


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