POLLEN NATION - Save Our Bees - to launch in September, for Spring!

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Pollen Nation is about to launch in September 2022 - for Spring.

I'm so excited to announce that Wildcard-Sue is all a-buzz and getting ready to help Buzzie the bee save his colony. 

Come Spring, we launch a new range for Spring and summer, aimed at raising awareness and focusing efforts on saving our bees.

Buzzie and Queenie the bees have been holding the fort for a few months, but they alone can't save the hives. 


Introducing 3 new key bee designs, featuring our bee-loved Buzzie and Queenie the bees! They will feature in artist cards, posters, stickers, t-shirts and more!

Pollen Nation is the design that will feature on our Limited Edition hand screen printed range.

Series 4 - Pollen Nation is black or gold print - on 100% cotton tote bags, tea towels and aprons. 

Posters - A3 

L-R: Buzzie the Bee, Pollen Nation, Bee Hive Yourself!, We're a Buzzy Lot!, Bee Hive Yourself - Black, Queenie the Bee.

Our awareness and fundraising will be honed in on Bee-friendly community projects. 

FUTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS will come about awareness, education and fundraising campaigns focused on saving and protecting bees and supporting the bee community in light of the varroa mite problem in NSW. 

Wildcard-Sue is proud to be supporting the Rotary Community, who have formed Rotarians For Bees.  R4BEES is active in Victoria and at the beginning stages of activities in NSW.

To find out about the amazing work of the bee dedicated Rotarians in Australia, please check out the following sites for useful information about bee conservation, vital updates on emerging situations, events, networks and more.

You can also join the Facebook and Instagram group @rotariansforbees



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