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Tea towels, aprons and calico totes featuring WOMBATS and a WEEDY

Posted by Sue Liu on

I am truly excited to announce that you can now order your extremely cute and lovingly hand-made Wildcard-Sue 100% cotton aprons, tea towels and calico tote bags. 

Series 1 - featuring our favourites - David and Betty Wombat and Pee Jay the Weedy Sea Dragon. 

If you know a wombat or weedy lover, you do not want to miss out! 

Get your order in now!  Here's the collection

Here's a quick guide to our limited edition print runs and products.

    • We are printing limited numbers of items. Once they are sold, we may not produce any more.
    • Our range of products are premium quality, 100% cotton.
    • Each item produced is hand screen printed in Sydney. It means they are hand produced and unique pieces of art in themselves - not mass produced.
    • Each item is prepared, with a hand written identity card noting the name and series of your item. It's very special. 
    • Screen printing: is by Josh, my neighbour
    • Models: my tree, my oven,  my neighbour, Sandra and Emma - the recipient of the very first wombat apron (a gift). 
PRODUCTION NOTE: 23 April - items will be printed and available around 1 May 2021 - delivery in time for Mother's Day!!
  • Aprons: 1 x size and in white apron with black print/ black apron with white print
  • Tea towels: currently available in white with black print and black/charcoal with white print.
    Oatmeal with black print has already SOLD OUT.  Pre-order your Oatmeal tea towels which we hope to have in June. 
  • Tote bags: are quite frankly, GLORIOUS! Get these before they go. They are large and have long handles, just like everyone asked for! 


  • If you want to send your gifts DIRECTLY to your loved ones ( and mothers) - buy a card and I can hand write your message and send direct!
  • Add an artist card that can be framed as a piece of art. 
  • Buy 4 of anything and receive a 10% discount
  • Start to collect the Wildcard-Sue set! Start with the apron, tea towel and bag as a set. There are also limited edition prints and posters.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Sue. 



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