Wild at the Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival

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It truly was a honour to be part of the conservation and education crew as an artist at the Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival Market.
I was one of a few artists and artisans who focus on ocean, environment and use our skills for good. I was proud to be part of this key event in Sydney last week, that was all about marine conservation.
This key annual event (20-24 March 2024 at Bondi Beach this year), is a much needed focus and celebration on ocean matters, and the numerous forums, exhibitions and events were so well attended through the week. I participated with my market stall on the weekend. 
Thankfully, the role that art and creativity plays in community education and engagement is well understood and respected here. I'm honoured that people connect deeply with Australian native wildlife through my art and diverse products.
I often have animals that visitors from all over the world say they just can not get anywhere else.
Discover the Perfect Animal Companion for You!
The popular Wildcard-sue animals are: magpie, wombats, sharks, seahorses, seadragons, save our bees, playtpus, koalas, jellyfish, lorikeets, kangaroo, and...nudibranch!
My goal is to have more people know and appreciate marine life - like the Eastern Blue Groper, Australian Giant Cuttlefish and Octopus, Sea Lions, Weedy Seadragons, Whites Seahorses, and of course... NUDIBRANCH!
In my upcoming Observational Illustration and Marine Discovery t workshops (booking now for April in Annandale), I'm focusing on Eastern Blue Groper. In July, I'll be in Whyalla, SA, teaching Australian Giant Cuttlefish during CuttleFest. 

Every weekend at markets, I'm having important conversations about wildlife, giving away free education sheets, sharing experiences and introducing people to marine life. Yes, people also buy their favourite animals on t-shirts and tops for adults and kids, stickers, cards and postcards. 
Thanks to my many customers at markets and friends and fellow ocean people who continue to support my art and work in community. You help me survive and keep on doing what I'm driven to do... Creativity for Conservation through art and education.
Come and see me at weekend markets as well -  you'll find where I'm at from FB/INSTA posts on Thursdays/Fridays @wildcardsue and on this website home page.
Thanks to Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival and Daniel Kukec Photography for these beautiful official photos from the festival.
Best fishes,  Sue


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