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Splashy Collection

Created in February 2022, the Splashy Collection is a new style.

The Splashy Collection incorporates gentle splashes of colour wash environments for our land, sea, and sky animals.

This collection includes:

  • Artist Cards - printed on 350gsm uncoated stock
  • Posters - printed on 200-250gsm 
  1. Steve the Leafy Sea Dragon
  2. Dragonfly Flurry: Marie, Lynette and Hope
  3. Shark Frenzy #1: Mark the Grey Nurse Shark, Gracie the Port Jackson & Penelope the Wobbygong
  4. Nudi-Run #1: Mia the Magnificent, Polly, Sarah, Chokkie and Doris the Splendid Nudibranchs
  5. Vonny the Frog
  6. Mu-Mu the Kookaburra
  7. Chris and Gladis – the Seahorses in Love
  8. Persephone the Pelican
  9. Buzzie the Bee – Save Our Bees ( with the GOLD background)
  10. Queenie the Bee - Save the Bees
  11. Grumps and Wednesday the Weedy Seadragons