School workshops - art, creativity, social justice, human society & environment

Sue Liu is a dynamic, engaging and inspirational role model for young people who are learning about the wider world and considering who and how to be in it. She is committed to helping to develop strong, assertive, compassionate and communicative leaders. 

Perfect alignment for secondary schools, teachers and parents.
This talk is perfect for young people in particular, as they are exploring and considering who they want to be in the world. It’s also good for teachers and parents, who need support and validation in reinforcing the values of your school and programs with regard to social justice, empathy and community. There’s an emphasis on contribution and I urge young people consider the impact of their life choices – in good and bad times.

Students and teachers can engage in meaningful and honest conversation about the power of connection and community. Discussion areas can include:

  • Who do you want to be in the world? 
  • What can I do? Developing a can-do attitude for young people and future leaders.
  • Social responsibility, community values, global citizenship 
    and social justice.
  • Real life experience with loss, grief and family difficulties.
  • Navigating life and making choices and decisions.
  • Travel and experience with people in developing countries
  • Cross-cultural experiences and getting involved in community work – locally and abroad. What’s the right thing to do?

Fit to your curriculum 

  • Human Society and its Environment and Society and Culture (years 11&12) and International Studies (years 9&10). Module 3: Citizenship and Legal Studies and Module 6: Society and Culture.
  • Through Careers Advisor or year advisor.
  • As part of International Bacculareate Diploma, Community Service, Social Science, Social Justice, Duke of Ed, UN Youth, Global and Immersion programs, cultural exchange and outreach programs

Customisation of talks and presentations to suit you, including after hours (including weekend) sessions so parents can participate.