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Chris & Gladis Seahorses - Splashy Collection Poster

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Welcome to Chris and Gladis the Seahorses to the Splashy Collection! 

 The Splashy Collection incorporates gentle splashes of colour wash environments for our land, sea, and sky animals. We've reinvented some favorites and created some new ones! 

  • A3 Posters 297x420mm 

Poster Print - Poster prints are unlimited and are printed on 200-250gsm.

The Splashy Collection includes:

  1. Steve the Leafy Sea Dragon
  2. Dragonfly Flurry: Marie, Lynette and Hope
  3. Shark Frenzy #1: Mark the Grey Nurse Shark, Gracie the Port Jackson & Penelope the Wobbygong
  4. Nudi-Run #1: Mia the Magnificent, Polly, Sarah, Chokkie and Doris the Splendid Nudibranchs
  5. Vonny the Frog
  6. Mu-Mu the Kookaburra
  7. Chris and Gladis – the Seahorses in Love
  8. Persephone the Pelican
  9. Buzzie the Bee – Save Our Bees ( with the GOLD background)
  10. Queenie the Bee - Save the Bees
  11. Grumps and Wednesday the Weedy Seadragons

5% of our profits are donated to an Australian wildlife conservation project

Copyright of this illustration is retained by Sue Liu. No reproduction of this drawing is allowed.